Sportz Strap Protectors

Provide your vehicle with an additional layer of protection from any (unlikely) rubbing of the tent straps with the Sportz Strap Protectors.

  • Fuzzy strap protectors easily slide over the existing tent side straps, offering reliable protection from the elements
  • Compatible with all Napier Truck Tents, including Sportz, Sportz CAMO, Backroadz, and Backroadz CAMO
  • Set includes 6 strap protectors to ensure every Truck Tent strap is protected

The Napier Truck tent already has fabric sleeve protectors over the installation clips on the tent. But these straps add a complete level of protection for your tent, vehicle & paint for a worry-less camping trip


Although they are not necessary for the function of your truck tent – they will provide superior protection to the exterior of your vehicle.

Do they come with warranty?
There is a 30 day manufacturer defect warranty.