K2 Running Board

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Aluminium Running Boards manufactured from an extruded profile with rubber inserts finished in black powder coating.

  • Fitted with a non-slip rubber inserts to prevent slipping and scratching of the finish. 
  • Reduces the amount of road debris and dirt on paintwork. 
  • Light product leads to fuel consumption reduction.
  • Unique design, anti skid step pad with Keko Exclusive design.
  • Made of aluminium. Combines lightness and strength in a single product. Withstands up to 330 pounds / 136kg on each side. 
  • Quick and easy installation using a metal clip.
  • Textured black finish.
  • Exclusive design – involves the vehicle with perfect fitting; 
  • More resistance – plastic spikes in TPO, protect against impacts and weather; 

The My Road Running Board has a new clamping concept, similar to a metal clip and requires only 1 screw in each bracket to be ready for use. Resulting in reduced installation time. 

Supplied with all brackets. NO drilling required.  

3 year warranty.