PadXpress Teflon Protection Light Colours Polish (PC510)

Teflon protection for light coloured paint. Suitable for any type of paint.

Designed to get the best shine from light coloured paint, the Teflon protection polish restores paint and rejuvenates dull and faded paintwork to a brilliant dazzlingly shiny finish. 

Made of protective film composed of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) nanoparticles that brings shine and high impact resistance to your paint and a water repellent effect. Protection 6 months or 40 washes (neutral pH detergent).

PadExpress 2-in-1 Polish

PadExpress Pads come with polish and polishing pad in one. Simply attach the PadXpress Pad to a polisher and off you go. No leaky polish, no stopping to dip your polishing pad into polish, no leaks and no mess, making polishing faster and easier! Four times faster than traditional techniques.



Your body or fairing should be clean and dry. Shake the product well before use. Check that the backing plate of your polisher is 125mm for a car and 80mm for a motorcycle.

  1. Position the pad on the polisher.
  2. Place the foam on the part of the bodywork or fairing to be polished.
  3. Apply vertical pressure on the foam (short pulse) to release the product from its reservoir.
  4. Work with regular cross movements (from left to right and up and down) at 1200 rpm maximum, while maintaining. light pressure on the foam for a good contact on the support, but without forcing.
  5. Work in areas of approximately 1m². Once this area has been treated, pass your micro-fiber towel over the area to wipe off the excess.
  6. Repeat the operation as many times as necessary, depending on the surface to be treated.
  7. Once the application of the Light Clour Polish is complete, it is strongly recommended to apply the PADXPRESS Ceramic Treatment Polish 550.


230 grams

Treats two cars or one motorcycle.

Store in a dry place away from light and to use it within 12 months after opening.

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