PadXpress Lights and Plexiglass Renovator (PC530)

Bring your headlights back to life without sanding or varnish for long lasting protection.

Weather, climate, sun and UV rays contribute to the oxidation of your optics on a daily basis. Headlights turn yellow and no longer illuminate like they should, which reduces their effectiveness and your safety.

Thanks to its unique technology, our headlight optical renovator will allow you to quickly and effortlessly renovate your optics. Its formidable deoxidizing qualities will restore transparency and shine to your headlights. Whether you are an individual or a professional, you will appreciate the disconcerting ease with which you will apply it.


PadXpress 2-in-1 Polish

PadXpress Pads come with polish and polishing pad in one. Simply attach the PadXpress Pad to a polisher and off you go. No leaky polish, no stopping to dip your polishing pad into polish, no leaks and no mess, making polishing faster and easier! Ease and speed in one operation! Whether you are an individual or a professional, you will appreciate the disconcerting ease with the unique 2-in-1 application.

Compatible with all polishing machine backing plates.



The surface to be treated (windshield, window, headlight, etc.) must be clean and dry.

  • Use the supplied tray (diam.80mm) to fix the applicator foam on your polisher
  • or screwdriver.
  • To remove deep scratches or for varnished polycarbonate headlights, it is advisable to sand
  • first, the area to be treated with a type 3000 abrasive with water (protecting sensitive areas).


  1. Position the foam applicator on the polishing machine, drill, and select a maximum working speed of 1500 revolutions / min.
  2. Place the foam on the headlight or the lens to be treated, once it is clean and dry.
  3. Apply vertical pressure on the foam (short pulse) to release the product from its reservoir and work with slow movements.
  4. To add more product, stop the polisher, drill, apply a new vertical pressure on the foam applicator (short pulse) and reapply with slow, regular movements. 
  5. Once the desired transparency is obtained, dry the headlight or the lens with a clean cotton cloth


Optical renovator valid for 8 headlights (in normal use)

50 grams

Store in a dry place away from light and to use it within 12 months after opening.